The American Mushroom Institute (AMI) is the premier professional association for the U.S. cultivated mushroom industry, representing large, medium and small growers who account for more than 90% of U.S. production, as well as suppliers to the industry. AMI’s mission is to provides a unified presence and effective representation across various legislative and regulatory agencies, research and community partners, and other stakeholders to ensure that the mushroom industry's concerns are addressed in a manner that benefits our member companies and industries.

As a member of AMI, you will receive: 


Advocacy: AMI brings together members of the industry with regulatory, legislative and other related agencies to stay informed on issues effecting the industry and influence policy to benefit member companies.

Best Practices and Research: From business and economic practices to energy, sanitation, IPM and PPE, AMI provides members with the latest best practices to help members optimize their own businesses. In addition, AMI provides members with the latest in a variety of industry research and innovation studies and project.

Committee Participation: From safety to human resources, to food safety, integrated pest management and raw materials, AMI hosts a variety of committees that with the support of volunteer members, address issues and topics that effect companies in the mushroom industry.


Communications: In addition to the monthly magazine, Mushroom News, AMI receive timely resources and information through emails, the website and social media channels. Members also have access to member alerts, toolkits, talking points, crisis management manuals, AMI's membership directory and media, communications and public relations support.

Industry Influencers: AMI frequently meets and consults with cutting edge entrepreneurs, researchers and business groups to share their products, information, and more, along with CEOs and business leaders who attend AMI meetings and government and industry leaders who present information and listen to member issues.
Practical Support: Whether a question you wish you could ask other members, information you would like to obtain, or background on an issue or topic, AMI can establish connections, provide materials and garner information o a variety of topics.

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Additional Member Benefits and Opportunities 

Committee Participation: AMI provides members interested in participating in advocacy, research, marketing and more through its variety of committees. Click the link to see the list of committees.

 Committee List


Sponsorship Opportunities: From AMI's magazine Mushroom News to the website, local and national events, AMI can customize a sponsorship package for members looking to raise their profiles in the mushroom farming community.

Sponsorship List 


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