Often called the superfood in the produce section, mushrooms take a supporting role in a recipe, shine as the lead of a dish, and are showing up solo in new, innovative snacks like mushroom jerky, bars and more. These formidable fungi are a source of powerful nutrients, are low in calories and sodium, and fat-, cholesterol- and gluten-free. They provide many of the same nutritional benefits as vegetables as well as attributes commonly found in meat, beans, and grains, available in a variety of tastes and textures, packed with powerful nutrients and contain no cholesterol or fat.

They have more protein than most vegetables, are the only food in the produce aisle that have lots of naturally occurring vitamin D, have proportionally more potassium than bananas, and study after study is coming out about their benefits to cognition and disease-fighting. And, they’re available in fresh, dried, and powder form so you can get a daily dose no matter your palette preference.

With so many tastes and textures, it's easy to incorporate mushrooms into your diet! Not sure where to start? Find your favorite fungi dish below!


Classic Blended Burger Avocado & Farro Harvest Bowl Blended Lamb Meatballs
Maitake Wild Rice Salad Oyster Mushroom Toast Power Breakfast Bowl
Beef & Crimini Queso Dip Classic Stuffed Mushrooms Blended Tacos



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