Mushroom News

Mushroom News is the trade publication of the American Mushroom Institute (AMI). For more than 50 years, the AMI has relied on Mushroom News to bring important information to its members. Articles range from general interest to the latest technical innovations. Each edition of the magazine has a different theme, including business issues, equipment and supplies, pest control, packaging and food safety, composting and raw materials, and produce marketing. AMI members learn about legislative issues, changing local, state and federal regulations as well as pesticide, food safety and immigration updates. The magazine is sent to more than 800 growers and suppliers, researchers and subscribers throughout the United States and the international community. 


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Mushroom News E-Flash

Each month, AMI distributes an electronic extension of the News Flash. Designed to be an extension of the News Flash that appears in the Mushroom News magazine, the E-Flash provides timely information and news. If you are not receiving the E-Flash and would like to, contact Lori Harrison.


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