Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management Handbook  

The Integrated Pest Management Handbook was developed by The Pennsylvania State University, the American Mushroom Institute and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.
The handbook examines the pest organisms that pose the greatest threat to mushroom yield and quality. The purpose of the handbook is to serve as a reference manual and an educational tool for mushroom growers and researchers.







Secondary/Service Container Labels

The Service Secondary Container label and the OSHA GHS label were developed through a collaborative effort between the American Mushroom Institute and The Pennsylvania State University Extension Pesticide Education Program. The labels are available to download through the hyperlinks above. Once downloaded, the labels can be filled out electronically and saved for future use.

Spanish Translation Guide for Pesticide Labeling

EPA created a Spanish Translation Guide for Pesticide Labeling which provides guidance for pesticide registrants that choose to translate parts of their pesticide product labels into Spanish. Though it was designed for pesticide registrants, the AMI IPM Committee believes this guide would be useful for many for many within the mushroom farm community as well. The guide is written in a universal form of Spanish to reach as many Spanish speakers as possible and provides translations for language typically used in the health and safety sections of pesticide product labels. 

For more information, and a copy of the guide, visit the EPA website  Here




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