For Kids

Coloring Book -- Learn about the different varieties, or types, of cultivated mushrooms in the United States. You’ll see everything from the super popular white button mushroom to the fancy and exotic Oyster and Trumpet mushrooms (hint: the Oyster mushroom doesn’t come from the ocean and the Trumpet mushroom doesn’t make a sound).





Word Search -- Mushrooms are a hidden treasure, with nutrition and health properties. Find the hidden names of mushrooms you find in the grocery store, plus some other words to describe mushrooms! 






Fact Sheets -- Mushrooms are unique -- not a vegetable and not a fruit. They also are increasingly being used to help solve problems around the world. Learn how mushrooms grow (hint: in the dark!), how mushrooms are one of the most sustainable foods and good for the planet, and the nutritious and health benefits. 

How Mushroom Grow


Mushroom Sustainability


Mushroom Nutrition

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