COVID-19 Media Toolkit

Now more than ever, consumers want to be assured that their produce is safe, and like in any crisis, there are differing messages reaching the consumer. 

In response to this, AMI, with the help of the Produce Marketing Association, is providing members with a variety of tools you can use to communicate with consumers and customers to draw attention to the importance — and safety — of buying and consuming fresh produce at this time and specifically the nutritional benefits of mushrooms.

The goal with this Communications Toolkit is to ensure that you feel well-prepared when speaking to consumers and customers, and are armed with all the tools you need when talking about the benefits of mushrooms. The goal is that these resources will help you in educating consumers how mushrooms can be a healthy choice in these challenging times, and share the message that now, more than ever, #mushroomsmatter.

Talking Points -- Information on produce safety, the value of eating produce, mushroom nutrition benefits. Can be downloaded and customized with company logo.

Press Release -- Highlighting the value of eating produce and the many nutrition benefits of mushrooms. Can be downloaded and customized with company information.

Social Media Posts: These social media posts use information from Dr. William W. Li, M.D., an internationally renowned physician, scientist, and the author of the New York Times bestseller “Eat To Beat Disease: The New Science of How Your Body Can Heal Itself,” and a proven expert on how you can consume fresh produce to fight disease. Use these posts on your own social media channels to promote healthy eating.

Social Media Post 1 -- Our bodies are constantly trying to fight disease and viruses. What we eat can play a huge role in this.

Social Media Post 2 -- No single factor in our lives is going to prevent sickness, but there is a way to boost our own defense systems.

Social Media Post 3 -- Many fresh fruits and vegetables have proven scientific association with one or more of the body’s five health defense systems. (Mushrooms are mentioned)

Social Media Post 4 -- Foods that boost clinical immunity and help resist virus infection. (Mushrooms are mentioned)

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