Mushroom Compost

Mushroom compost, or substrate, is the soil-like material remaining after a crop of mushrooms and is high in organic matter making it desirable for use as a soil amendment or soil conditioner.

Once the final crop of mushrooms has been harvested, the spent substrate is removed from the mushroom growing beds. Research has shown the material retains nutrients and other qualities that make it an ideal crop production and landscaping component. Marketed as Mushroom Compost, it is rich in organic matter and has high value for conifer tree production, turf grass managers and landscape contractors. Mushroom Compost has been used successfully for runoff mediation and river bank buffer projects, green roofs, certain wood-decaying fungus suppression, evergreen farms, athletic fields, landfill caps for establishing vegetation, restoration of degraded coal mine lands for wildlife vegetation, to degrade contaminants in the environments and to neutralize acid mine drainage.

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[Photo courtesy Suzanne Longacre, Laurel Valley Soils]

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